Det første spadetaket er tatt.

Dette senteret skal erstatte flytårn ved 15 lufthavner i Norge. Nå er det første spadetaket før byggingen av Avinors Remote Tower Centre er tatt.

Onsdag 23.1.2019, startet byggingen av Avinor Air Navigation Services sitt senter for fjernstyrte kontrolltårn i Bodø, som etter planen skal stå ferdig i 2020.
Bygget har en investeringsramme på 110 millioner kroner, og utvikles i samarbeid med Kongsberg Gruppen og Indra Navia.

Senteret, som har fått navnet Remote Tower Center, skal erstatte konvensjonelle tårn ved 15 lufthavner i Norge.

– Dette er banebrytende innenfor både norsk og internasjonal luftfart.

Erik lødding i Avinor

Utvidede åpningstider

Avtalen om levering av fjernstyrte tårn ble inngått av Avinor, Kongsberg og Indra Navia i 2015, og var verdt 400 millioner norske kroner. Den ble da omtalt som mest omfattende satsingen på fjernstyrte tårn som noensinne var lansert innen internasjonal luftfart.

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NINOX Remote Tower – Video

World ATM Congress

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Now entering its sixth year, World ATM Congress is the world’s largest international air traffic management (ATM) exhibition and conference attracting over 7,500 people each year.

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When is World ATM Congress? 
6-8 March 2018

Exhibition       Tuesday, 6 March         10.00 – 19.30
Wednesday, 7 March    10.00 – 18.00
Thursday, 8 March        10.00 – 14.00
Delegate Conference       Tuesday, 6 March           9:15 – 12.45
Wednesday, 7 March      9.15 – 12.30


Where is World ATM Congress?

The Congress takes place in Hall 10 at Feria de Madrid (North Entrance)

Feria de Madrid
28042 Madrid


Kick off with the NINOX-team

The NINOX-team represented from Avinor, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and Indra Navia.

NINOX Remote Towers – the Largest Remote Tower Installation in the World

Avinor Air Navigations Services in Norway is now implementing NINOX Remote Towers for 15 airports – all controlled from one Remote Tower Center.

In 2015, Avinor ANS contracted Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, together with team partner Indra Navia, for 15 airports in Norway, with an option of additional 21 airports. The first airport will be operational and controlled by the Remote Tower Center (RTC) in the town of Bodø by mid-2018, with the 15th airport implemented by the end of 2020. The Avinor NINOX program is a result of a strategic approach. The system requirements are based on a well-defined Concept of Operations and Avinor’s Safety and Human Performance assessments.

The ATCO will have a full out-the-window view with all necessary user interfaces in a clean desk environment. Foto: Eirik Helland Urke

NINOX Remote Towers is a complete system covering all necessary functionality to provide Air Traffic Control Service for multiple airports, including Indra Navia’s highly flexible InNOVA AIR Tower System. The NINOX Remote Towers is based on a true Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), where the NINOX 360 Camera presents the panoramic sensor coverage, and the NINOX PTP (Pan Tilt Platform) provides zooming and tracking capabilities. The Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) can remotely control all local navaids, airfield lights, met sensors and other ATC systems on the airports from the RTC. All components are tied together into a fully real-time integrated system. Each airport requires about 50 mbps bandwidth – at most.

The NINOX system is designed to replace the ATCO position in the conventional TWR, at any airport, with a controller working position in a Remote Tower Center – or in an operations center at the airport (the Virtual Tower). All systems operated from the cabin in the conventional TWR are available from the RTC, including the Out the Window (OTW) view. All system requirements fulfill the ICAO Doc 4444. A particular requirement is documented in ICAO Doc 8964, that the ATCO must have a 20/20 vision. This means that the ATCO must have the same quality view as viewed by his/her own eyes if sited in a conventional TWR.

The Ninox Electro Optical Sensor Suite deployed at Kjeller Airport in Norway

The NINOX 360 Camera can present an image with a spatial resolution that corresponds to the human visual acuity – which is 0.28 milliradians. A 0.28 mrad resolution equals resolving 28 cm details at 1 km range. The sensor provides an impressive vertical field of view of 60 degrees, and with one seamless 360-degree uniform image, the NINOX Heads-Up Display (HUD) is the leading OTW view in the market. Moving Target Indicators (MTIs), information overlay (weather/terrain info), augmented reality, track/flight data from the ATM system and Artificial Intelligence features reinforce the situational awareness to enable the ATCO to make safe and correct decisions.

The NINOX 360 Camera is mounted on a rotating platform incorporating two cameras. One line scan camera for visual light, VIS 360°, and one line scan camera for Long Wave Infrared Light, IR 360°. The platform rotates up to 5 Hz and provide 5 eye resolution 360° images per second. The 5 Hz update rate on 100 Hz flicker-free screens draws the Operators attention to moving objects such as planes, cars, animals and people.

The Ninox PTP with VIS95 day camera, IR camera, laser range finder and signal light gun

Both the NINOX 360 Camera and the NINOX PTP are positioned on a mast construction so that the ATCO’s “eyes” are positioned in a similar position, as a conventional TWR cabin would be. For an airport, NINOX offers significant savings in terms of space, power consumption and maintenance, when replacing a conventional TWR.

The NINOX Remote Tower concept is young, however it is based on well-proven, safe and mature technology. With its open architecture, NINOX is well prepared for growth, further new technology inserts and mission expansion, and NINOX provides scalable and cost-effective solutions for all customers and applications.

The world’s largest investment for remote towers

Kongsberg Defence Systems (KONGSBERG) and Avinor Air Navigation Services have entered into an agreement for the supply of remote towers worth 400 MNOK. KONGSBERG is prime in close cooperation with its partner Indra Navia AS.

The scope contains a complete solution for remote control of tower services at a number of airports from one location. Avinor has earlier decided to introduce remote control and tower services at up to 15 airports, from one tower centre in Bodø. A further investment may include more Avinor airports. The agreement between Avinor and KONGSBERG is the most comprehensive commitment in remote towers ever launched in international aviation.

KONGSBERG employs technology from defence projects and integrates them with Indra Navia’s advanced and very modern solutions for tower management. This technology includes amongst others rugged and innovative sensors, secure and redundant network based solutions for remote control of towers, as well as control of real-time data and data storage solutions.

Indra Navia will deliver an integrated visualization systems based on their leading Nova Tower line supplied worldwide, amongst others to London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Dubai, Beijing and many more.

– We look forward to a close collaboration with KONGSBERG and Indra. The companies have proven their ability to deliver the best solution for Avinor, in a fierce competition with other international suppliers. Now the work for fully establishing a remote tower center and introduce future tower services, says Avinor CEO Dag Falk-Petersen

Truly a important and pioneering contract

– This contract is of great importance with the highest attention in KONGSBERG, and an example on the potential in our span of technologies and possible synergies. Remote tower solutions is a market in the starting phase internationally, says President in Kongsberg Defence Systems, Harald Ånnestad.

– Indra Navia is proud to be part of this important and pioneering contract, which includes a new use of our Nova-system. With more than 95% export of tower systems from Norway to the world’s leading aviation organizations and airports, we look forward to cooperating with Avinor and KONGSBERG, then provide this unique solution to a growing international market, says President in Indra Navia, Eldar Hauge.

For the editor:

Avinor, KONGSBERG and Indra will in two weeks invite media to a presentation and technology demonstration of the project. There will be opportunities for interviews and a closer inspection of the future remote tower solution. Please register with Mr Johannes Dobson, telephone +47 906 77 262, email

For further information:


  • Kristian Løksa, Communication Manager, telephone +47 934 52 603

Kongsberg Defence Systems

  • Harald Ånnestad, President, telephone +47 920 60 087
  • Eirik Lie, Executive Vice President, telephone +47 917 04 933.

Indra Navia

  • Eldar Hauge, President, telephone +47 907 53 975
  • Andrew Paul Fiamingo, Direktør Sales and Marketing, telephone +47 971 67 361

Norway’s ATM Agency Signs Up for Remote Tower Service

Norwegian air navigation service provider Avinor and Kongsberg Defense Systems entered into an NOK 400 million ($48 million) agreement for the provision of “remote tower” services at multiple airports from one location. The parties described the agreement as the most comprehensive yet for remote tower systems.

Avinor had earlier decided to introduce remote tower services at up to 15 airports from one tower center in Bodø in northern Norway. In 2012, the ATC provider signed a contract with Sweden’s Saab to demonstrate remote tower service from that location. The latest agreement with Kongsberg may cover more airports, Avinor said.

The parties announced the agreement on August 25, adding to a string of remote-tower developments in Europe. In June, Germany’s DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung signed a contract with Austrian supplier Frequentis to install remote tower technology at Saarbrücken Airport in southwestern Germany. The Irish Aviation Authority announced a contract with Saab to install a remote tower center at Dublin Airport in a demonstration co-funded by the Single European Sky ATM Research effort.

In April, Sweden’s LFV laid claim to being the world’s first air navigation service provider to manage an airport remotely when it started remote tower services using Saab technology at Örnsköldsvik Airport.

Under the agreement with Avinor, Kongsberg will employ technology from defense projects, integrated with partner Indra Navia’s tower management systems. The technology includes rugged and “innovative” sensors, redundant secure networks, real-time data transmission and data-storage systems. Indra Navia will supply integrated visualization systems based on its Nova Tower line of products, used at London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Dubai, Beijing and other airports.

The companies have proven their ability to deliver the best solution for Avinor, in a fierce competition with other international suppliers,” said Anders Kirsebom, Avinor managing director of air navigation services. “Now the work begins to fully establish a remote tower center and to introduce future tower services.”